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Address: Yuan Shengshu #28 Daxing District, Beijing

Phone: 86-0312-3104581

Mobile phone: 86-18630263110

Skype: zhengshibryan   

WhatsApp: +86-18630263110

E-mail: zhengshibryan@hotmail.com

URL: http://www.zhengshihuanbao.com

Company advantages

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Flexible cooperation mode

We can build flexible co-operation mode with different types of clients, such as technology consultation, project contract, products sale and lease, investments of EPC, BOT,PPP,BT etc. and the operation, management and maintain for the projects.

Professional team

Our R&D group possesses high techniques, refined style, teamwork, and they are hard working, focus on the combination of theory and practice. They have worked on the spot to investigate the landfills, accumulated much experience of different waste management projects. We can provide the design, R&D of equipment, project contract,construction and operation for our clients.

Unceasingly optimized technology

Zhengshi Environmental is engaged in the research and solutions of the environment problems caused by informal landfills, such as the land resource constrains, underground water and air pollution etc. we applied prevision and high technology to make comprehensive treatment for the landfills, to improve the land utilization, and prevent underground water pollution, keep the sustainable development for social economy. Zhengshi Environment has long term collected and studied the advanced technology in domestic and abroad, and optimized our technology and shortages, gradually develops a treatment technology for different scale, different type household waste and aged refuse.

Sophisticated product

Zhengshi Environmental is specialized in the design, independent  R&D, and manufacture of waste sorting machines. Our products occupy small area and have big treatment capacity. We strictly control the quality of each product. We have got the certificate of Hebei Province science&technology. The R&D group studied advanced design concept  and worked on the spot to investigate the landfills, develop the complete sorting plant according to the compositions and water content.

Professional team


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