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Bag Broken Machine

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Bag Broken Machine

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  • Release date:2017/10/10
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Detailed introduction

Device Functions
As people’s living standard is increasing day by day, the trend of garbage packed in bags has become increasingly apparent. For comprehensive disposal line, garbage in bags will greatly affect the processing efficiency and effect. To solve this problem, we independently developed the bag broken machine which can maximum limit original packed plastic bags, and the broken rate is over 90%. This equipment is widely used in our company in the comprehensive treatment line, and accept favourable comments.
Device Features
This device has the function of breaking bags, the rotation knife immediately bring the material into the space between the fixed knife and the moving knife. The moving knife is driven by motor reducer or hydraulic motor to rotate. The gap is controlled by hydraulic cylinder or mechanical spring. When it is working, the gap is to avoid impact, and break the bags. When the material is overload, the external force is greater than the hydraulic cylinder thrust, the gap will change to be wider, in order to operate normally. If construction waste are mistakenly packed in the bags, the stress on the knife become bigger, to guarantee the normal operation, the hydraulic cylinder will change the gap.

Bag Broken Machine

Size and Specification

Bag Broken Machine

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