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Feeding Machine

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Feeding Machine

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  • Release date:2017/10/10
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Detailed introduction

Device Functions
Feeding facility as the first step of household garbage treatment line plays an important role in the whole treatment line. It determines the speed and capacity. In order to assure the sorting line operate stably and reliably, we specially designed scale plate conveyor.
Scale plate conveyor is a kind of common load bearing conveying device. With the material spreader it can transfer the piles of garbage into average amount that is suitable for the subsequent treatment. Improve the treatment capacity of the whole line.
Device Features
Adapt to the long term operation in the feeding storage area, the exposed parts of the scales plate feeding machine was disposed with  corrosion protection.
Drive system adopts frequency control motor, has the features of uniform speed regulation, and automatic overload protection etc.
Ensure the trough leakproofness of the overlap parts, and avoid the material leak effectively.
The device has a tray and tension device, and more compact center distance.
The components are processed in a high precision, and ensure all the chain wheels coplane.

Feeding Machine

Size and specification

Feeding Machine

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